Rep. Steve Stockman, Famous for Hotel Room Hot Tub Parties, Indicted on Election Law Charges

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By Emily Zanotti | 2:05 pm, March 17, 2017

Congressman Steve Stockman, famous for being, perhaps, Washington’s strangest legislator, is facing charges that he stole money from his campaign coffers and used it to pad his own personal finances.

According to the Federal complaint, Stockman set up a dummy organization called Life Without Limits between his terms in Congress (he served from 1995 to 1997 and then again from 2013 to 2015). The group received only one donation—a $350,000 windfall—that Stockman then, allegedly, funneled back to himself with the help of two of his former employees.

Although he was already booted from DC after unsuccessfully attempting to oust Texas Senator John Cornyn, Stockman is a legend in the hallowed halls of the federal government for his odd antics and wild campaign gimmicks.

During his first term, he famously accused the Clinton administration of “executing” members of the Branch Davidian cult, after 80 members of the organization died in confrontation with the FBI and ATF.  He claimed to have had advance warning of the Oklahoma City bombing attacks, and once appeared on an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory podcast (he later claimed that the hosts were suspicious of “international bankers” because the bankers were Japanese).

In his second term, Stockman invited rock legend Ted Nugent as his guest to the State of the Union, and mocked other legislators’ outfits.

After leaving office, he held a “bathroom party” at the Conservative Political Action Conference, where he invited members of the Young Republicans to join him in his hotel room hot tub (he even, reportedly, paid each bather $20). An attendee posted these pics on Twitter. Stockman in in the black sweater, yet to join the group in the Jacuzzi.

His failed run for Senate had some characteristic oddities, too. For a $10 donation to the cause, you could get your own “Obama barf bag,” for use, apparently, while watching the former Commander-in-Chief speak. Lucky donors would also be entered into a contest to win an AR-15 automatic rifle.

His campaign office was actually condemned by authorities and had its electricity shut off; it had 14 fire code violations and no permit to operate. Pictures of the office reveal it was mostly just an unused part of a shed (oddly enough, it was adjacent to a dumping ground for used, non-working hot tubs).

He was finally forced to abandon his hope at winning a Senate seat when his campaign revealed that Stockman had actually gone missing. Reports began to surface that he was in Egypt, as he missed dozens of House votes and failed to respond to a single email to his office or his campaign for more than six weeks. Rumors swirled in DC that he’d gone underground, and that his campaign manager had been impersonating him for weeks (those were never substantiated).

But Stockman was alive and well, and is now facing an extended period in federal prison.