Rand Paul Went on a Festivus Rant

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By Ian Miles Cheong | 9:50 pm, December 24, 2016
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Senator Rand Paul is a fan of Seinfeld. Every year around Christmas time, Paul celebrates the parody holiday “Festivus” by sharing his annual “airing of grievances,” an idiosyncratic practice made popular by the ‘90s comedy series. In the show, George Costanza’s dad Frank begins the celebration by ranting openly about his problems with everything.

Just like the show, Paul took to Twitter to air all the grievances he had with the world in 2016. He was simultaneously candid, humorous and serious.

“Good morning, Seinfeld fans and Happy Festivus everywhere! Today I’ll have my annual #AiringofGrievances. Join me here throughout the day,” he tweeted. His first order of business was the issue of fake news.

He followed it up with commentary on Donald Trump’s cabinet, criticizing the number of rich people picked to assist Trump. Paul also took aim at Peter Thiel, who plays a key role advising Trump’s administration.

He had words for US Representative to the UN John Bolton, and remarked upon how weird it was to have Rick Perry running the Department of Energy, which Perry once expressed wanting to eliminate.

As for Trump himself, Paul wondered aloud as to who would tell the President-elect he can’t always get what he wants.

In addition to joking about the Trump administration, the Kentucky senator brought up the more serious issue of government spending. He pointed out that the government was spending money on a plethora of pointless and unscientific studies.

Among other things, he noted how the government was spending over a million dollars to produce a superhero cartoon for Pakistani audiences.

Paul noted the numerous problems with government spending and shared The Waste Report, his effort to expose government waste and reform the federal budget. It’s an extensive list.

Beyond that, the senator called out the media for writing serious stories about his Festivus jokes.

Paul brought his rant to a close with wishing everyone a merry Christmas, and wishing those who don’t celebrate Christmas a happy Festivus by winning the “feats of strength.” He posted a picture of himself alongside Senator Harry Reid.

Merry Christmas, and have a good Festivus.