President Trump Calls for a Government Shutdown That Could Kill His Mar-a-Lago Trips

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By Emily Zanotti | 1:13 pm, May 2, 2017

President Donald Trump is so angry about the Congressional budget compromise, which will run the government until September at a cost of around $1 trillion, that he’s actually Tweeting about it, calling on Republican Senators to either abandon their plans or find a way to change the rules.

Republicans negotiated the massive budget deal, leaving out funding for some of Trump’s major priorities, like the border wall, but agreeing to spending many GOP supporters say they find problematic, like entitlement spending that fully funds Planned Parenthood.

The Democrats, according to sources close to the budget hearings, have been giddy over what they consider to be a major win—the result of defining spending on subjects the GOP and the Trump White House can’t seem to agree on.

But Trump clearly hasn’t been as ignorant of budget negotiations as Republicans might have hoped—and he’s laying the blame for their failure right at their feet.

He must be serious, too, because the budget compromise not only helps Democrats, it helps Trump, particularly with his constant travel back and forth to his Mar-a-Lago estate.

Buried in the thousand-plus page document is a $120 million bonus for Presidential protection, to reimburse cities where Trump spends most of his time (Palm Beach, Fla. and New York City), and to beef up his Secret Service security contingent to cover his multi-state travel.

If Trump wants a shut down, he might have to bunker in the White House—something he seems particularly unwilling to do.

Perhaps more appealing to Trump than a summer on the golf course, though, is the thought of an all-out war between Republicans and Democrats, something he’s clearly encouraging. The compromise bill will pass this week or next, likely through reconciliation, which doesn’t require too much effort on either party’s part.

In September, that might be a different story.