Prepper Supply Companies, Gun Manufacturers Cashing In on 2016 Elections

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By Emily Zanotti | 9:00 pm, November 3, 2016

Americans aren’t quite sure how Tuesday’s Presidential election is going to shake out. So in anticipation of an uncertain situation, Americans are doing what Americans do best: stock up on emergency food, apocalypse supplies and firearms.

According to gun manufacturer Ruger, net sales for its handguns and semi-automatic weapons have jumped 34% in the last quarter alone, to a staggering $161 million. The company’s earnings have jumped 66% and FBI background checks and concealed carry applications jumped nearly 20%, according to Fox News.

Ruger attributes the sudden increase to hunting season, but also to electoral uncertainty, with gun enthusiasts concerned that a Hillary Clinton presidency might threaten their Second Amendment rights. And people taken by surprise by Obama’s election in 2008 aren’t taking any chances.

“If you look back at what happened eight years ago, there was in my opinion a surprising number of people who were actually surprised by the outcome at the last minute, and then scrambled through November to try and get any product,” a Ruger rep told media on a conference call.

According to a private poll conducted by Harris, a quarter of Americans plan to buy a gun before the election—and one in five southerners says they will be making a firearm purchase this week. A staggering 24% of women say that they’re actively considering arming up.

But Americans are preparing in other ways, too. Sales of emergency food rations are way up, and suppliers like say their call centers are overrun with pre-election orders from people on both sides of the political aisle.

“People feel like they’ve lost control of the election process,” said the company’s VP of marketing Keith Bansemer. “So they’re taking matters into their own hands — those things they can control. I think there is apprehension with both top candidates.”

The last couple of weeks have been the busiest in company history, according to Bansemer. Revenue has tripled, and the company is shipping “thousands” of its complete preparation kits per day, it says. A one-year food kit for a family of four will cost you around $7,000.

The supplies will last for 25 years in case your dire election predictions don’t come true immediately.