Poll: Americans Say It’s Time for Hillary Clinton to Officially Retire

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By Emily Zanotti | 3:09 pm, November 21, 2016

According to a recent poll, most Americans think Hillary Clinton should hang up her pantsuits for good and find a less intrusive hobby than running for public office, like needlepoint or woodworking or light aircraft repair.

Just...anything but running for public office.

The poll, by Rasmussen Reports, finds that a whopping 55% of all voters — a pool that includes both Republicans and Democrats — say that Hillary Clinton’s career in politics should be over, and that the 2016 Presidential campaign should be her last.

When broken down by party lines, “82 percent of Republicans, 54 percent of independents and 31 percent of Democrats” agree that Secretary Clinton should find other means of employment. Fifty seven percent of Democrats say that Clinton should, at least, remain in public life in some way, even if she never again seeks office.

The results shouldn’t be surprising to anyone following the dramatic shift in Democratic politics after Clinton’s surprising loss to Republican Donald Trump. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are being given greater roles within the Democratic Party — even if Bernie Sanders won’t declare himself a Democrat, officially — and Democrats have acknowledged that the loss of white, working class voters hit them hard.

Of the Democrats surveyed, 54% said they’d like to see the party trend leftward, more toward the type of progressive party Bernie Sanders had laid out in his plans. Only 26% said that they believe the party should trend toward Hillary Clinton’s more moderate vision.

This news comes just as media is discovering that Sanders may not have triumphed over Donald Trump. Outlets from The Guardian to the Daily Beast have acknowledged that polls showing Bernie’s success against the Republican now-President-elect were speculative, and held long before election day.

Republicans were never able to unleash a full-scale attack on the Vermont Senator, and moderate Democrats, probably concerned about the state of their party, might have run a moderate third party candidate.

Either way, though, it looks like Chelsea Clinton’s children will be getting a lot more visits from grandma.