POLITICO Reporter Julia Ioffe Fired Over Trump Tweet

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By Emily Zanotti | 12:48 pm, December 15, 2016

POLITICO fired their foreign policy reporter, Julia Ioffe, Wednesday night after she posted an obscene Tweet mocking Ivanka Trump’s new White House office – the digs typically reserved for the First Lady.

In a statement, POLITICO noted that they were terminating Ioffe’s contract “effective immediately” following her social media commentary, and that “incidents like this tarnish POLITICO and the great work being done across the company.”

Ioffe apologized on Twitter, saying her phrasing was indelicate.

But also sort of implying that Donald Trump censored her Tweet.

Back in May, Ioffe clashed with Donald Trump’s supporters over her profile of Melania Trump for GQ magazine. Members of the alt-right on social media flooded Ioffe with anti-Semitic messages, Photoshopped her into WWII-era photos of Nazi Concentration Camps, and threatened Ioffe with real world violence.

Ioffe will not have to draw unemployment for very long. She starts at The Atlantic, covering politics and foreign policy, on Monday. And they are still fine with her coming on board.