Pitiful! Samantha Power Gets Tough Only After Leaving the UN

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By Emily Zanotti | 2:05 pm, April 25, 2017
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Now that Samantha Power isn’t in danger of exerting any real influence as the American ambassador to the United Nations, she’s getting very tough on foreign powers.

Yesterday, as the world memorialized the Holocaust, many human rights organizations also remembered the Armenian Genocide, where the Ottoman Empire massacred more than a million Christian Armenians—a horrifying incident for which Turkey, the Ottoman Empire’s successor, has never made amends.

The Kardashians, not known for their foreign policy aptitude, were more outspoken than the Obama Administration in condemning the nightmare, and it’s something Samatha Power says she regrets.

That’s easy for Power to say now, of course. While in power, she could have easily encouraged the Obama administration to take a stronger stance but demurred, largely because Turkey, despite its many faults, remains a NATO ally.

Instead, Samantha “Powerless” stayed quiet on almost all matters of mass murder. And the Obama administration was unable to exert any power or influence over the Turkey of yesterday or the Turkey of today—now a major player in the conflict in Syria, and, reportedly, an economic supporter of ISIS.

Her most “blistering attack?” A largely symbolic tirade directed at Russia on her last day as UN ambassador, literally two days before President Obama left office. Current UN ambassador Nikki Haley has done more in a month to send ripples of anger through the world’s baddies than Power did in her entire tenure.

Fortunately for Power, though, she’ll have a major opportunity to rewrite history. Dey Street Books/Harper Collins has acquired the rights to publish Power’s already written memoirs, titled, The Education of an Idealist. In them, she’ll reportedly reveal how she was hamstrung in her efforts to promote peace by an administration mired in bureaucratic red tape and too concerned with public relations.