Politicians Are Still ‘Dabbing’ and It Needs to Stop

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By Andrew Stiles | 12:44 am, January 14, 2017
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Sometimes politicians try to be cool. When they do, it almost always fails. In some cases (e.g., Hillary Clinton) they end up embarrassing themselves by losing a “slam dunk” election to a loudmouth reality show host.

House Speaker Paul Ryan tried to be cool by “dabbing” during a town hall event on Thursday. Some political reporters got a little giddy on social media, but no one else really cared. If you don’t know what “dabbing” is, it doesn’t really matter. This is what it looks like:

Ryan’s “dab” elicited a response from Senator Tim Scott, a Republican from South Carolina. “Pretty good dab @SpeakerRyan – I got you,” Scott wrote on Twitter, along with a photo of himself in a “dabbing” pose.

Ryan appears to have learned about “dabbing” only recently, after another congressman’s son tried to dab in a photo with Ryan during the official swearing in ceremonies for members of Congress earlier this month.

The Dab was popularized in part by Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton during his NFL MVP season in 2015-2016. In 2017, most of the world has moved on. Regrettably, the 2016 campaign season featured far too many politicians attempting The Dab.

Former Rep. Loretta Sanchez (D., Calif.), who ran unsuccessfully for Senate in 2016, dabbed during a primary debate in October. Hillary Clinton, predictably, was an early adopter of The Dab, attempting the maneuver during an appearance on the Ellen show in January of last year.

The Dab deserved to die right there and then. Politicians, of all people, should stop doing this immediately.