Orders for Trump Voodoo Dolls Surge

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By Jillian Kay Melchior | 11:05 am, November 19, 2016

Sally Noedel, a small-business owner in the Pacific Northwest, looked forward to Election Night, relieved that after months, she could finally quit making satirical Donald Trump voodoo dolls.

On Nov. 9, she woke up to an inbox of full of new orders.

Business hasn’t slowed since. “I got out my sewing machine and started sewing again,” Noedel said, adding that she had to unpack her shelved supplies and enlist a friend to help make enough voodoo dolls to meet post-Election demand. “I have a feeling this is going to continue to be a staple item in my product line for another four years—I hope not eight years!”

Noedel’s online website advertises the voodoo dolls in English and Spanish alike. She calls the dolls, which are made in the U.S.A., “the bipartisan solution to political gift giving.”


“I did make Hillary dolls for a while, but they never had the interest or the vigor of the Donald Trump doll,” Noedel says.

The voodoo dolls are meant to be “political comedic relief,” not anything more sinister, she says.

Noedel’s tiny shop in liberal Bainbridge, Washington, has seen more than 2,000 orders for Trump voodoo dolls since she began selling them earlier this year. Buyers have come from as far as Germany, Australia and the United Kingdom.

In May, not long after Ted Cruz suspended his campaign, and when a Washington newspaper did a write-up of her dolls, Noedel also saw orders surge. On one peak day, she handmade 100 of the 7-inch voodoo dolls to meet the angry electorate’s demand.

Though response to the voodoo dolls has been mostly positive, Noedel says she has gotten a few emails from upset Trump supporters.

“Every once in a while, I get one with someone saying that’s so mean, I’m so mean, to be making Donald Trump voodoo dolls,” she says.

Since Election Day, Noedel introduced a new package, too: A Trump Relief Care Package, which includes not only the voodoo doll but also tissues, positive affirmations, chocolate — and a map to Canada.