ANALYSIS: Are Liberal Activists Training Zoo Animals to Overthrow Donald Trump?

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By Andrew Stiles | 5:39 pm, December 7, 2016

Liberal activists outraged at the election of Donald Trump may be training zoo animals to rise up and foment rebellion against the democratically elected leader, according to at least one analysis.

One particularly suspicious story out of Missouri involves an orangutan who caused more than $200,000 worth of damages to the windows surrounding its enclosure after repeatedly hitting them with rocks.

Officials at the St. Louis Zoo where the incident occurred said the ape’s actions “may have been the result of a training exercise gone awry.”

The 12-year-old female orangutan was named “Rubih,” which is just letter away from “Rubio,” as in Marco Rubio, the U.S. senator from Florida who tried to defeat Trump in the Republican primary.

It could be just a coincidence that Rubih is an orangutan, or it could suggest a more sinister motive. Trump’s critics have long suggested that the president-elects magnificent mane of hair resembles the orange fur found on orangutans. Left-wing comedians have “joked” about this in the past.

The proof is not definitive, but a cursory analysis suggests that liberal activists are responsible for Rubih’s “training.” It is unclear what their motive might be, apart from trying to overthrow Donald Trump after he is sworn in as president in 2017.

There is plenty of evidence to draw a reasonable conclusion: Liberal activists are secretly training and arming America’s zoo animals in an effort to install Hillary Clinton as president in an illegal coup.

For example, celebrity activist Lena Dunham has written approvingly of forcing dogs to pose with magic crystals on their heads. Magic crystals are fancy rocks that human idiots use to promote “healing.” In the hands of a trained orangutan, magic crystals would be instantly transformed into dangerous projectiles.

Every government on the planet would be at risk. Because of liberals.

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