President Obama Promises to Be Even More Annoying After Leaving the White House

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By Andrew Stiles | 1:41 pm, December 11, 2016
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President Obama does not seem eager to follow in the footsteps of other ex-presidents who have, for the most part, removed themselves from politics after leaving the White House.

In a recent interview with Vanity Fair, the outgoing president promised to be even more engaged in political activism in the years to come, and is looking forward to being freed of the “institutional constraints” of the office, which often prevent him from saying what he really thinks about the issues of the day.

“The power of the office is unique and it is a humbling privilege,” Obama told Vanity Fair. “With that power, however, also comes a whole host of institutional constraints. There are things I cannot say … out of prudential concerns for the office.”

In other words, he won’t stop lecturing the American people about politics, he’ll lecture them even harder. Obama said he’ll be able to accomplish some of his goal more easily as an ex-president, such as “creating a platform for the next generation of young leaders across disciplines to work together” — whatever that means.

“There are institutional obligations I have to carry out that are important for a president of the United States to carry out, but may not always align with what I think would move the ball down the field on the issues that I care most deeply about,” he said.

Sources close to Obama seem to think his post-White House activity will involve a career in digital media. The president reportedly met with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg during a recent visit to Peru to discuss his digital future.

As luck would have it, is hiring a deputy managing editor for news. Seems like a perfect fit.