Obama Won’t Interrupt Vacation on Martha’s Vineyard to Comment on Louisiana Floods, Milwaukee Riots

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By Andrew Stiles | 3:22 pm, August 17, 2016
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The media conversation on Wednesday was dominated by news that Donald Trump was hiring Breitbart chairman Stephen Bannon to run his campaign.

There was also this fascinating story out of Sweden.

There’s also some other stuff going on, like…

Oh, yeah. Wisconsin had to call in the National Guard after rioters tried to burn down the city of Milwaukee. Officers were injured and business were set on fire after the fatal shooting of an armed civilian by a police officer sparked violent unrest across the city. In Louisiana, deadly flooding in near Baton Rouge has displaced tens of thousands.

That’s some pretty serious stuff. What is President Obama up to? He’s on vacation in Martha’s Vineyard.Has he commented at all on the situations in Milwaukee and Louisiana?

Nope, there’s been no statement from Obama on Louisiana, although he did sign an order declaring the flooded parishes a “major disaster” area.

He’s made no comments about Milwaukee either, although he was briefed on the situation by Valerie Jarrett (not a joke).

So, what has he been up to? Well, he recently golfed on an “organic” course at a country club that charges a $350,000 initiation fee, and he spoke at a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton.