Obama Uses JFK Award Speech To Defend His Healthcare Legacy

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By Heat Street Staff | 8:06 am, May 8, 2017
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The real profile in courage was the group of Democrats who voted for Obamacare, even though they knew they might loose their jobs or never get elected again. That was the headline of President Obama’s acceptance speech at the JFK Presidential Library in Boston. The implication being that both Obama and members of Congress knew the plan would anger people, or not work for a great many Americans. Which begs so many questions.

Nancy Pelosi and friends condemn GOP efforts to replace Obamacare.

The lead tables at the ceremony Sunday evening were a who’s who of the liberal elite. The Kennedy family was all there including Joe Kennedy III, the 36-year-old carrot-top congressman from Massachusetts. Former Secretary of State John Kerry was there with his wife Theresa, who is rarely seen in public these days. Senator Elizabeth Warren was also in the crowd, though she recently said she was troubled by President Obama’s taking money to speak in front of a Wall Street group. Sen. Warren rarely misses an opportunity to rail against financiers.

Barack Obama accepts his cherished award from Caroline Kennedy this weekend. (Getty Images)

Former Ambassador Caroline Kennedy spoke and then introduced her son, Jack, to actually present the award. Young Jack joked that, “if not for Obama he might still be on the couch watching sports and eating Doritos.”

Obama is still perfecting the old dictum of ex-presidents to advise not criticize when they’ve left office. While he did not mention President Trump by name, Mr. Obama did reference the divided country and the need to “call out hate not just in others but in ourselves.”

Obamacare’s defenders have been out in force.

Pouring it on a tad, he said his life would not have been possible without the vision that John F. Kennedy sketched into the character and hearts of america.

As a reminder that it is impossible to escape the reach of big money in America, the ceremony ended with a big thank you from the stage to General Electric and its CEO, Jeff Immelt, for making the evening happen.