NYT Launches Election Voter-Suppression Game Featuring What Appear to Be Trump Hooligans

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By Kyle Foley | 1:12 pm, November 4, 2016

With only four days left until armageddon—I mean, election day—the conspiracy theories are flowing freely from otherwise reputable sources. Take The New York Times’ new web-based opinion game “The Voter Suppression Trail.”

The game, modeled after the famous Oregon Trail video game, seeks to teach voters about voter suppression, where a political party tries to influence an election by making it hard (or impossible) for certain segments of voters to vote.

The game allows you to choose from three stereotyped characters and follow them on their November 8th journey to the ballot box.


The white programmer from California has it the easiest. He simply walks up to the polling location and votes—in and out in less than 5 minutes.


The Latina nurse from Texas? She is forced to wait in a long line because nasty Republicans are making it harder to vote.


But wait, there’s more! After being forced to ignore your children (one of which has dysentery, because this needed some Oregon Trail humor), you finally make it into the polling location only to be harassed by some nasty men engaging in voter suppression.

The game enters a mini-game phase where you must avoid their nasty words.


Hmm… the hats and color of their skin really makes them look like a stereotypical Trump supporters ganging up on a lowly minority trying to cast her vote in the oppressive regime of Texas. It is possible this is just one instance, so I went and played as the black salesman from Wisconsin. Guess what?  The people resembling stereotypical Trump supporters appeared again to suppress my character.


The anti-Trump rhetoric isn’t a shocker, as the Times has endorsed Hillary for President, and the game is clearly labeled as a piece of opinion. What is surprising, however, is the ability of the creators of this game to see the future and know who will suppress the vote on November 8th and where.

The game also kind of ignores the history of Democrat voter suppression in places like Philadelphia in 2009, which the Obama administration tried to cover up.

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