NYC City Government Offers ‘Safe Space’ for Employees Struggling With Trump’s Victory

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By Emily Zanotti | 10:50 am, December 16, 2016

New York City government says it’ll start offering therapy to employees traumatized by Donald Trump’s victory, in a city-wide effort to create a “safe space” from the President-elect.

An email that went out to all municipal departments offered workers a list of resources where they could get help if they were feeling “distressed or vulnerable following the election results.” It directed employees who needed further help to contact the Deputy Mayor for Strategic Policies, Richard Buery, who is overseeing a city-wide mental-health initiative.

“The post-election period has been anxiety-producing for many people, understandably. When you throw the holidays into that, it can be a very difficult time for those coping with mental-health challenges,” a city hall spokesman told Fox News.

Hillary Clinton handily defeated Trump among voters in New York City, despite Trump being a high-profile figure in the city.

In addition to soothing psychological services,  Bill de Blasio’s government is also offering help to employees who feel they might suffer under Trump’s rule. The email also had contact information for city departments with the authority to help any possible victims, including the phone number for the Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs.