North Korea: Please Stop Fat-Shaming Kim Jong-Un

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By Jillian Kay Melchior | 4:43 pm, November 22, 2016

North Korea wants the Internet to stop fat-shaming its Dear Leader.

In a meeting with Chinese officials, North Korean diplomats reportedly asked Beijing to ban unflattering nicknames for Kim Jong-Un. Since then, China has apparently begun censoring references to the chunky authoritarian, with Baidu filtering out epithets like “Kim Fatty the Third,” Sky News reports.

A spokesman for the Chinese foreign ministry denied the censorship, but said, “We disapprove of referring to the leader of any country with insulting and mocking remarks.”

But the crackdown has only intensified the thirst for cyberbullying dictators. In the past two weeks, Chinese web users have offered numerous alternatives, including “Kim Fatty Fat,” “Kim Fat Fat Fat” and “Kim Abundant III.”

The New York Daily News has since also mockingly proposed “Slim Jong-Un.”