North Carolina Early Vote Numbers Show Huge Surge For Hillary Clinton

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By Louise Mensch | 1:25 pm, November 1, 2016

Donald Trump received mixed news in Tuesday’s polling. Although he was rated at only 25% to win the Presidency, the overall race was slightly improved for him from a very low base.

North Carolina posted its early voting statistics and the results were shocking. The normally conservative state is shifting as moderates join African-Americans in the tech-savvy area, but nonetheless, Trump ought comfortably to win North Carolina.

Early vote tallies, however, show Democrats up a huge 12% on 2012 in early voting.

Turnout of the state’s electorate was calculated by officials to be 43.7% Democrat an 31.2% Republican.

Based on this, the New York Times’ Upshot middle predicted a large Clinton win in the state of 6 points. It also reflects much recent polling showing that Trump is likely to lose North Carolina. 

She was predicted to take North Carolina 49-43%.

There was better news for Trump in Florida, Iowa and Ohio, to counter terrible news for him in Utah and Alaska. He was constantly losing in Pennsylvania, and appears to have no hope in Wisconsin and Colorado.

Donald Trump’s desperation about losing the state of Utah as well has led him to panic recently about conservative states moving away from him.