No One Wants to be White House Communications Director

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By Emily Zanotti | 1:10 pm, February 9, 2017

Wednesday, rumors began circulating that the Trump Administration was on the lookout for a communications director to assist Press Secretary Sean Spicer (if not replace him). Thursday, sources inside the White House told POLITICO that the search isn’t going so well.

It turns out, no one wants to help Spicer defend the Trump Administration.

The White House comms job is now called the “worst job in Washington,” and top candidates, who have watched Spicer struggle to be an adequate moutpiece of the Administration, while balancing President Trump’s demands, say they don’t envy Spicer’s position.

Having to go between Trump and the press as the two escalate into a hot war makes the situation even worse, as does Trump’s management style, which top aides tell POLITICO often pits one senior adviser against another.

So far, two aids have turned down the “opportunity” to hold what would normally be one of the White House’s most prestigious positions: a strategic planning job that is supposed to be the core of the President’s public relations operation. Those candidates, it seems, were headhunted. There are no applicants.

The position has been vacant since Trump aide Jason Miller quit the Trump transition team to “spend more time with his family.” Miller, who had a child on the way in February with his wife, had been suspected of having an affair with Trump surrogate AJ Delgado, who may have also gotten pregnant. The pair have been radio silent since mid-December.

The delay in hiring is bad news for the Trump Administration who could use a comprehensive media and public relations strategy, but at least its good news for Spicer, who is rumored to be on Trump’s chopping block.

Spicer has been so desperate to keep his job, he seems to be literally be turning into his boss, but if Trump can’t fill the comms position, its unlikely he’ll be able to find an immediate replacement for his flailing Press Secretary.