Newsweek Retracts, Apologizes for Article Suggesting It’s OK to Punch Nazis

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By Andrew Stiles | 1:56 pm, January 24, 2017
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Newsweek magazine, a once notable publication, has retracted a story on the “The Infinite Joy of Watching a Nazi Get Punched to Music” about Internet memes inspired by the on-camera assault on white nationalist Richard Spencer at the Women’s March on Washington over the weekend.

Newsweek apologized for publishing the story, claiming it did not meet the “ethics and standards” of the magazine.

“Newsweek has retracted a story about a meme related to the assault of Richard Spencer, published on Jan. 24,” the magazine announced on Twitter. “The story did not meet the ethics and standards of Newsweek. We regret its publication.”

Spencer was punched in the face while being interviewed on camera during the Women’s March protests in Washington, D.C. Newsweek then published an article in which leading ethicists discussed whether or not it was ethical to punch a Nazi in the face. (They said no.)

Many social media users disagreed. “Everyone’s so basic. I WILL CELEBRATE RICHARD SPENCER GETTING PUNCHED IN THE FACE & NOT CARE. he’s an actual nazi. punch him again!” tweeted some guy with a verified account.

Spencer has called for a “peaceful ethnic cleansing” of the United States in order to create “an ethno-state that would be a gathering point for all Europeans.”