New Sen. Elizabeth Warren Action Figure Even Smacks Donald Trump in Face

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By Emily Zanotti | 3:33 pm, June 6, 2017

Once Senator Elizabeth Warren had her comic book, it was only a matter of time before the progressive “superhero” had her very own action figure. Now, thanks to a Kickstarter and a Brooklyn-based design firm, it’s about to happen.

FCTRY has created a number of action figures for political junkies, including a very happy Hillary Clinton, and a very angry looking (and impossibly orange) Donald Trump with removable hair and tiny hands. There’s even a Bernie Sanders, which, at $19.99 is a steal for anyone capable of quashing their opposition to capitalism long enough to purchase a useless collectible.

Warren’s is next on the list. A Kickstarter looking to raise funds for production had already met its goal by Monday night, and it didn’t officially launch until Tuesday morning. By noon Tuesday, FCTRY had raised nearly $30,000.

The dolls usually require about $15,000 in funding to produce, but in its press materials, FCTRY claims that in total their dolls have raised around $400,000, much of it going to individual campaigns.

For Warren, any leftover money will go to her 2018 Senate re-election bid (and what’s leftover from that will probably go to her inevitable 2020 Presidential campaign).

The doll comes dressed in Warren’s signature power blazer (in red, though, not her typical blue), has tiny rimless specs, and her little plastic arm raised in defiance of the Patriarchy (and Mitch McConnell). There’s even a video on the Kickstarter showing Warren smacking a Trump doll in the face and body-slamming him.

The doll does not come with Warren’s series of investment properties (which she bought at rock-bottom prices when their owners were foreclosed on), her $8.5 million net worth, or her sense of liberal superiority. Harvard office play set, earned by claiming an unproven Native American heritage allowing your doll to fill one of Harvard’s “diversity hire” slots despite being white, not included.

Warren reportedly told media that she “liked” the idea of an action figure of herself. “That’s cool.”