New Poll: Hillary Clinton’s Lead Takes a Dive as FBI Sifts Through Emails

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By Anna Caldwell | 9:50 am, November 1, 2016
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THE FBI has started sifting 650,000 emails through specialized software as part of its fresh Clinton investigation as a revitalized Donald Trump rallied crowds and repeated his claims that Hillary Clinton’s emails are the “biggest scandal since watergate”.

Polling aggregator Real Clear Politics shows Ms Clinton’s lead has dropped from 4.6 points on Friday to 2.5 points on Monday, but results across various polls in the final stretch remain mixed.

Mr Trump hopes the renewed FBI investigation will be Ms Clinton’s 11th hour undoing.

But late yesterday The New York Times revealed new documents showed Mr Trump had used techniques the paper dubbed “legally dubious” to avoid paying taxes.

9.40 ESTT: Clinton ‘already planning her victory party’

Hillary Clinton’s campaign has planned a fireworks display over the Hudson River in New York on the night of the election, just hours after polls close, The New York Post reports. Sources said law enforcement officials have been told to prepare for the November 8 celebration, where Ms Clinton and running mate Tim Kaine will join their supporters. The Democratic presidential nominee’s blueprint for lighting up the sky was reportedly sketched out before last week’s revelation that the FBI had revived its probe of her private server scandal.

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