Nerd Alert: GOP Leaders Blasted ‘Rocky’ Theme Song to Get Psyched Up for Healthcare Vote

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By Joe Simonson | 3:46 pm, May 4, 2017

Right before the House successfully passed its Obamacare replacement, GOP leadership obnoxiously played the “Rocky” theme song as lawmakers walked into a meeting.

Clearly missing the irony in blaring a tune from a movie where the star loses a championship boxing match, Republican leadership further confirmed to the American people that the men and women in charge of legislating are oblivious nerds.

If picturing a bunch of middle-aged white people getting pumped up to a 1970s theme song doesn’t make you cringe enough, there were also reports that Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy pulled up an image of WWII general George S. Patton on a screen and read some of his famous quotes.  In other words, it appears that our country is being run by virgin pseudo-history buffs who probably make pillow forts and show off new magic tricks when the C-SPAN cameras aren’t rolling.

The feeling of passing an incredibly unpopular healthcare bill made Republican Congresswoman Martha McSally feel alive like never before—she yelled “Let’s get this fucking thing done!” at her colleagues.

The festivities didn’t end there, with one reporter noticing cases of beer being rolled in for an after party that would make my junior year after-prom look like Burning Man.

The beer was later uncovered to be Bud Light, but given the overall lameness of the Republican Party, I’m betting that most of them will be sipping on O’Doul’s.

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