Neo-Nazi Website Endorses UK Socialist Leader Jeremy Corbyn Because He’s ‘Seriously Anti-Jew’

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By Lukas Mikelionis | 6:54 am, June 8, 2017

A white nationalist neo-Nazi website has officially endorsed UK’s socialist Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn in today’s British general election because of his anti-Semitic credentials.

The Daily Stormer, which is up-front about its fascist aspirations, “is designed to serve as a hardcore front for the conversion of masses into a pro-White, Antisemitic ideology” and has a section titled “Jewish Problem”.

On Wednesday, its editor Andrew Anglin posted an official endorsement for Jeremy Corbyn, listing several reasons, but mostly because the Labour leader is “seriously Anti-Jew”:

Apparently some people think I’m engaged in some kind of childish prank in telling Brits to vote for Jeremy Corbyn.

I’m not. I am actually, literally endorsing him, and encouraging all of my readers to go tick the box and get everyone they know to do the same.

The Daily Stormer‘s endorsement header

The site did qualified its endorsement somewhat, observing that both Corbyn and Conservative leader Theresa May are soft on fiscal policies or immigration.

In addition to that, the site notes that May is “anti Russia, pro-Israel, pro-Saudi, pro-international trade” and “female” – while Corbyn is “Not even concerned about Russia, would probably just be cool with Putin, anti-Israel, anti-Saudi, anti-International trade” and “male”.

For that reason, the defining issue in the election is being anti-Semitic – and Corbyn wins outright at being more hostile to the Jews.

Anglin continued:

The Jews have been freaking out about this guy forever.

They really, really hate him.

He is genuinely against Israel. He is seriously against this whole Jewish-run Sunni Islamist terrorist agenda in the Middle East.

And okay, you can say he won’t have any power to do anything, and will be forced to go along with the Jews – okay, I agree, but the fact that he is against it means it’s going to be lot more difficult for them.

You’re not going to see him out there aggressively supporting all this like Theresa is.

In another post on Thursday (polling day in the UK), the site fired back against criticism that the Labour Party is actually pro-Israel, prompted by the existence of the Labour Friends of Israel group.

“Yes, that’s logical, Maybot – support Theresa because the guy who has literally said ‘dismantle the Zionist regime’ and supports Hamas is a member of a party that has a ‘friends of Israel’ group,” the site wrote.