NBC News Accuses Trump of ‘Lack of Transparency’ Over Dinner, Forgets Its Own Transparency Problem

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By Lukas Mikelionis | 11:22 am, November 16, 2016

The mainstream media was offended after Donald Trump decided to go on a family dinner without telling the press about his evening plans — sparking accusations of “lack of transparency”.

NBC News promptly tweeted from its main account: “Trump leaves press behind for steak dinner, showing lack of transparency”.

NBC’s Rachel Maddow, on her MSNBC show, claimed Trump purposely diverted the press from the dinner and left the press pool in the dark. She added, “It’s now weeks since Donald Trump has been elected President, this is not the first time he’s decided to go off on his own without giving notice to the pool.”

NCB’s Brian Williams, on his MSNBC show, also offered his insight into the issue: “As a reporter, I’m duty bound to say: that’s fine, we defend everyones right to dinner with their family because it’s the same thing we would demand in our private lives, just let us know because 80 percent job of a job of the correspondent is protective, just being there and knowing in case.”

Interestingly, while NBC News sees Trump’s private dinner as a sign of “lack of transparency”, the network doesn’t see its own hypocrisy on transparency when it comes to their internal workings. After all, NBC knowingly sat for months — perhaps even years — on its infamous “Trump Tape” from 2005, where the President-elect made the controversial remarks about women, until someone leaked it to the Washington Post.

Once the leak exploded into the national discourse, NBC offered specious explanations for why it hadn’t broadcast the tape — including that it had only known about the tape for a few days and was working through the issue with lawyers. It later came out that NBC host Billy Bush, who was with Trump when he made the lewd comments, had been boasting about the tape to NBC staff during the Olympics.

After the leak, NBC cut its ties with Bush, throwing him under the bus. And yet NBC during all these years turned a blind eye on their the moneymaking Apprentice superstar — and did nothing to penalize him for his lewd comments. NBC even invited Trump to host Saturday Night Live, while he was running for President.

Perhaps the media, especially NBC, have no credibility to lecture Donald Trump on the issue of transparency.