Nancy Pelosi Not Sure There’s a Difference Between the NRA and the NSA

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By Emily Zanotti | 12:42 pm, May 24, 2017
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House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has been very vocal lately about what she feels is an under-addressed issue in the Trump White House: national security.

But the Congressional Democrat might be having a difficult time getting her facts straight on the subject. At the Peter G. Peterson Foundation’s 2017 Fiscal Summit, she appeared to confuse the National Security Administration—the NSA—with the National Rifle Association—the NRA, while waxing poetic about Donald Trump’s ties to the Russians.

One she supports and the other she definitely doesn’t.

“To have a president say, if he did, to the director of the FBI, or the DNI, the Director of National Intelligence, or the NRA person that—um, uh, that they should not go forward, it raises questions that need to be answered in a facts and law way, and not hearsay,” Pelosi told the audience.

Perhaps, subconsciously, Pelosi was acknowledging the role lawful gun owners play in protecting and defending private property in the United States, and, consequently, how important it is to national security that Second Amendment rights be protected.

It would, of course, fly in the face of literally everything Pelosi has ever said on the subject, but, you know, people change.

Sadly, though, for Pelosi at least, she had just gotten done extolling her extensive experience working with America’s intelligence community. She claimed to the panel that she’s spent “more years on the intelligence committee than anyone,” and knows the ins and outs of American security policy better than any other member of Congress, including the ones that came from the America’s security administrations.