MTV News Slams White Men With Insulting ‘New Year’s Resolutions’

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By Kyle Foley | 10:47 am, December 20, 2016

As the saga of “who didn’t learn their lesson in 2016” continues to unfold, MTV is the latest social justice warrior outfit to contribute to the tale.

In a video tweeted out on Monday, MTV felt that it was smart to throw white men under the bus by assigning harmful stereotypes to them.

The video starts with a white man, of course, saying “hey fellow white guys,” followed by two people of color setting the focus for the rest of the video. It’s all about how white men can be better in 2017 — “New Year’s Resolutions for white guys,” because that’s not racist at all.

The very first thing this video accuses white men of is thinking that America is “great.” The woman speaking in this point of the video says that America has never been “great” for anyone that isn’t a white guy. Beneath her blatantly false statement — attempting to score cheap political points — there is an underlying assumption that all white men supported Donald Trump, which is clearly not true.

The video then goes on to chastise white guys who haven’t signed up for the #BlackLivesMatter movement. First, it says that #BlackLivesMatter isn’t the opposite of All Lives Matter. Then they go on to say that #BlueLivesMatter isn’t a thing because police officers aren’t born with blue skin. Man, those sneaky snowflakes got us there, as we all know that #BlueLivesMatter supporters clearly believe that every police officer in the United States is a Smurf.

From there the video yells at white guys for using the word “woke,” and presents us with a woman non-ironically telling men to learn what “mansplaining” is — and then to stop doing it.

Following that, the inevitable “stop being racist” trope makes an appearance, because a leftist rant isn’t complete without calling everyone who isn’t exactly like them a raging racist.

The video ends by saying that “not everyone’s perfect” but white guys could “do a lot better.” The more we see things like this, the more it becomes apparent that many on the left want to continue losing both the political and the culture wars, which is perfectly fine for those of us who prefer civil discussion over condescending rants.