Most Hated Candidate in This Election? Gary Johnson

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By Lukas Mikelionis | 4:23 pm, November 9, 2016

Gary Johnson managed to capture the hearts of 4 million Libertarian-leaning Americans with his hilarious jibes, fake heart attacks and wonky Nike sneakers.

But it turned out that this comes at a price: He’s objectively become the most-hated candidate in this election.

Ever since he started running for the presidency, he’s been labeled a Clinton plant, who will take away votes from Trump in swing states. After all, he’s just a moderate Republican who likes weed—what’s not to like?

For Democrats, last night turned into a horror show after they decided that he was actually just a Trump plant designed to tank Hillary’s chances of winning.

Feminist blog Jezebel lambasted Johnson with a headline “Fuck Gary Johnson” and claimed he’s one of the biggest reasons why Clinton lost the election. “Sleep well, Gary, you unbelievable prick. And go fuck yourself,” writer Ellie Shechet proclaimed.

According to her:

Gary Johnson knew—he had to know, right?—that he was never going to be president. But he went ahead and positioned himself as the only rational choice in a contest against two equally repugnant monsters, a tremendous lie that a significant swath of the country came to believe. “This is a year when voters looking at the two establishment parties are thinking, I’m watching a scary movie and I can’t change the channel. You can change the channel!” Gary Johnson said in a Fox Business News interview.

We certainly have changed the channel, except now it’s the only channel, and it has a Russian accent, and it’s telling people to hurt each other and destroy the planet. Despite about 1.3 million years of evolution and progress, adult human beings have apparently forgotten, with astonishing speed, that bad things can actually happen to them as a result of inaction; that the world might not always be gentle with their whims; that refusing to choose is a choice, and nearly always the stupidest choice you can make.

This is despite the “experts” saying Johnson turned out to have no influence on the outcome of the election whatsoever:

Don’t listen to the haters, Gary. You were a blast.