Hollywood’s ‘Miss Sloane’ Embraces Anti-Trump ‘Nasty Woman’ Hashtag

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By Heat Street Staff | 4:15 pm, December 9, 2016

Miss Sloane is a Hollywood political drama that is creating a lot of buzz, even if some of the initial reviews are less than glowing. The film stars Jessica Chastain as a take-no-prisoners Washington lobbyist who joins a PR firm to promote gun-control legislation.

According to the Washington Post, the political elements of the film’s plot are borderline nonsensical, and director John Madden doesn’t seem to care because “the film is not political in its intent. Madden said he “didn’t want the film being adopted by one side or the other of the argument, because it isn’t a polemic.”

But Miss Sloane appears to have latched onto a politically charged hashtag as part of its promotional campaign. “RT if you’re a #NastyWoman like #MissSloan,” the film’s official Twitter account tweeted earlier this week.

The #NastyWoman hashtag appeared following the third and final presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

The hashtag was almost immediately appropriated by Hillary Clinton supporters and other self-professed “feminists” who enjoy sharing their thoughts on social media platforms such as Twitter, including woke celebrity Lena Dunham.

A few weeks later, Hillary Clinton lost the presidential election to Donald Trump. The creators of Miss Sloane presumably hope the film won’t suffer a similarly embarrassing flop at the box office.