Miller Time: Donald Trump Lied that he was ‘John Miller’ To Spread Misogyny

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By Louise Mensch | 11:44 am, May 14, 2016

Paul Ryan called for unity.  Marco Rubio ‘supports, won’t endorse’ Trump. But GOP leaders are facing a massive pre-convention problem as the presumptive front-runner is apparently caught on tape pretending to be his own PR guy.

Not only that, what ‘John Miller’ said must surely cause Ted Cruz and Mitt Romney to check again on those convention rules. ‘Miller’ boasted of Trump’s then wife’s desperation,  that he was sleeping with Marla Maples ‘and three others’, and lied completely that Trump was sought by Carla Bruni, the supermodel.

On his new girlfriend, Carla: “Her name is Carla Bruni Fredesh. I don’t know how to spell the last name. She dropped [a big rock star, who is married] for Donald. And that’s where it stands.”


When [People magazine’s] reporter called Trump’s office for an explanation, she was told that John Miller had gone home and that Trump would have no comment.

The transcript of the John Miller call will no doubt be all over Hillary Clinton’s campaign ads. Can the GOP ask any respectable delegate to support this misogyny?

I mean, he’s living with Marla and he’s got three other girlfriends – Donald Trump, pretending to be John Miller, to a People reporter

The lies about Carla Bruni went on for some time:

and [Carla Bruni] ended up going with Mick Jagger.  And then she dropped Mick Jagger for Donald, and that’s where it is right now.  And again, he’s not making any commitments to Carla     – Donald Trump, pretending to be John Miller, to a People reporter

Donald Trump is not yet actually nominated for the Republican party – and social media is raising questions about his basic mental health.

See the audio forensically analyzed here.

Such repellent language, such lies and such bombast are now what the GOP has to oppose Hillary Clinton in November – unless its delegates are unbound on the floor. Delegates have the power to unbind themselves on the first ballot if the convention votes to do so.

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The internet melted down Friday as the Washington Post adduced a tape, clearly of Trump, boasting and lying about women in an attempt to get the story published.

Trump then hung up on the Post reporter who asked him if he’d employed a Jonathan Miller. The Trump campaign then lied again that the call had been dropped.

It was the second meltdown in two days after Trump reversed himself on his unconstitutional Muslim ban, falsely stating that it had just been ‘a suggestion.’