Millennial Anti-Trumpers Raise $30K, All For ‘Hunger Games’ DC Digs

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By Emily Zanotti | 1:49 pm, December 28, 2016

A group of young, anti-Trump activists called “Millennials for Revolution” has set up shop in DC, promising to take their fight against oligarchy and hegemony to Capitol Hill, and to get “in the face” of President-elect Donald Trump right from the first day.

But after raising more than $35,000 online for “action,” the group has, so far, only managed to rent a DC condo from which to launch their tireless protests against, well, an unclear and amorphous group of principles generally espoused by the next Republican President.

Worse, perhaps, in a bout of unintentional self-parody, they’ve named their new digs “District 13,” after the underground rebel force in The Hunger Games.

“We’re going to take the fight to Trump by building a base right in the heart of Capitol Hill,” their homepage reads. “You and Millennials for Revolution are going to open a house—code name ‘District 13’—for activists in residence to counter the Trump Administration’s every move.”

They’ve also failed to think through their end-game, relying, instead on the sheer force of their own will to “do good” by living off the generosity of their Internet supporters and occasionally deigning to make some protest signs and take a walk up to 1600 Pennsylvania on the occasional afternoon.

“Millions of us took action this year to get Bernie Sanders into office—now we’re going to take the fight right to DC, up in Donald Trump’s orange face,” they claim.

Of course, they forget that Bernie Sanders is actually in the middle of a six year term in office, largely the responsibility not of progressive Millennials, but of the people of Vermont. He also lost in the primaries, soundly defeated by an unstoppable Clinton machine.

They plan to move in right before the Presidential Inauguration in January—and, at least, they’ll be in good, ineffectual, company.

Sources tell Heat Street that Act Now to Stop War and End Racism, a huge coalition of activist socialist groups, is planning a massive march on Washington that weekend, similar to the ones they staged outside Trump Towers the night after the Presidential election.

They’ll also be joined by a group led by Michael Moore, as well as a protest led by Al Sharpton, both accomplished, progressive leaders with a recent track record of complete cultural anonymity.

Unfortunately for all these groups, including Millennials for Revolution, Donald Trump’s Inaugural Committee is responsible for assigning the proper time, place, and manner for protests, and can keep them as far away from the President-elect as possible. And the Committee has yet to issue any permits.