DELUSION: Michael Moore Still Thinks Liberals Can Stop Trump

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By Andrew Stiles | 1:42 pm, December 20, 2016
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Distraught liberal activists campaigned for weeks in an effort to get Electoral College participants to oppose Donald Trump in formal voting ceremonies this week. It didn’t work.

In fact, more electors defected from Hillary Clinton than defected from Trump.

The campaign was never going to succeed, but Trump opponents were nonetheless pretty angry when it ultimately failed.

Some, including liberal filmmaker Michael Moore, are not ready to give up just yet. Moore, one of the only liberals who actually thought Trump could beat Hillary Clinton in the general election, is trying to come up with a plan to prevent Donald Trump from becoming president before he is scheduled to be sworn in on January 20.

Moore was pounding his keyboard at 4 a.m. this morning, tweeting frantically about why the United States was “not a democracy” because Hillary won more votes than Trump but still lost the electoral college (the thing that actually matters).

He also tweeted about racism.

Moore then urged whomever might be listening to keep fighting and hoping and searching for a “legal, nonviolent way to stop this madness” in the coming weeks.

The acclaimed director does not seem to be very optimistic about the future.

Moore’s previous effort to prevent Trump from becoming president was also a failure. He made a movie called “TrumpLand” that he hoped would be very popular and alter the outcome of the election. (It wasn’t; it didn’t.)