Michael Moore Offers to Pay Fines of Anti-Trump Republican Electors

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By Staff writers | 10:06 am, December 19, 2016

American documentary filmmaker Michael Moore has vowed to pay the fines of any Republican Electoral College members who refuse to vote for Donald Trump.

The outspoken Trump critic has issued a rallying cry to the electoral college members after calling for protests and civil disobedience ahead of the college meeting, The Independent reports.

He issued a Tweet on Monday with the official offer:

The Electoral College process — usually just a formality — takes on fresh significance this year amid allegations of Russian influence in the election and Hillary Clinton’s large lead in the popular vote.

It has 538 members with a number allocated to each state.

In some cases, where members are thinking of rebelling, some states have measures in place which mean they could be subject to fines should they go against the public vote in their state.

Moore has also suggested the President-elect won’t last four years and has pleaded with Republican electors not to vote for him, citing the accusation Russian hackers interfered with the presidential election.

This article was originally published on news.com.au