Michael Moore Lets Hillary Supporters See New Anti-Trump Film for Free

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By Will Johnson | 3:26 pm, October 21, 2016

Left-wing millionaire filmmaker Michael Moore is giving New Yorkers free tickets to see his anti-Trump movie if they spend their weekends campaigning for Hillary Clinton in the swing state of Pennsylvania.

Moore revealed to a New York screening of Michael Moore in Trumpland, the new movie he is self-distributing — chronicling his recent one-man show theatre in a small, predominantly Republican town in Ohio — the desperate lengths he will go to try and get Hillary elected.

Moore said: “MoveOn [the left-wing political PAC] is co-hosting this run here. They are buying tickets and giving them to any New Yorker who will volunteer to go to Pennsylvania on any weekend day over the next three weekends. … They get a free ticket to the show so it’s being used as a recruiting tool to get New Yorkers to go to Pennsylvania and knock on doors.”

Moore added his latest doc is an attempt to avoid anti-Trump cliches and paint a more positive picture of Clinton. He said: “It’s a daily shit show of satire with Trump and everybody knows all the details from his taxes to how he treats women.

“How often do you hear somebody get enthusiastic about Hillary Clinton? You certainly don’t hear it from guys.  But [although] I have  political differences, I have voted for her and have a lot of respect for her as a human being. Watching that debate last week I was hoping she’d get out a club and bonk him but that’s not her.”

Moore told his audience at the IFC Center in Manhattan: “Trumpland is not about people in white robes but reaching out to people…he is the embodiment of every disgusting male trait and everything about white privilege and the rich.

“It’s all rolled into one disgusting person, one awful candidate. People get to go to the polls, we have a chance on November 8 to not just vote for Hillary but defeat misogyny and racism and the sense of privilege that he has.”

Trump supporters can take solace in the fact that Fahrenheit 9/11, Moore’s 2004 documentary designed to get John Kerry voted in as President, helped seal George Bush’s re-election.