Maxine Waters Leads the Charge to Impeach Trump But Forgets Her Own ‘Russian’ Connections

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By Lukas Mikelionis | 12:28 pm, April 25, 2017

California Congresswoman Maxine Waters has become the leading figure behind the “Impeach Trump” movement over his alleged connections to Russia. But as Rep. Waters makes unproven allegations of Russian influence on American politics, shouldn’t she first look in the mirror and her own “Russian” connections?

Rep. Waters, who’s been in Democratic Party trenches since being first elected in 1990, has called for Trump’s impeachment 25 times in recent months, even though she told MSNBC last week that “I have not called for impeachment.”

CNN reported that Waters is “having a moment” and attracting all the other progressives who didn’t fall for Bernie Sanders’ revolution. Other left-wing publications, meanwhile, suggested she’s “The Millennials’ Political Rock Star” and should even run for president (she has no such plans yet).

It’s a dramatic transformation for Rep. Waters, who was previously on political life support due to a 2010 ethics investigation by the House Ethics Committee for allegedly helping a bank, where her husband had a stake, get federal funds during the financial crisis.

Private groups like Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) put Waters on their list of corrupt members of Congress in 2005, 2006, 2009, and 2011. In 2012, Waters was cleared of all charges of potential corruption, but her top aide was charged.

Yet while the California Congresswoman rails against Trump, she hypocritically forgets her very open relationship with pro-Russian, anti-American groups.

Waters has long been a close associate of the radical Workers World Party, a militant left-wing group that has expressed sympathy for anti-American governments such as North Korea’s, Cuba’s, Iran’s, and Iraq’s under Saddam Hussein.

The party also has favorable views of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and of its progenitor, Russian President Vladimir Putin. The opinions of the Workers World Party and its sister groups are often broadcast by  RT (formerly Russia Today), a Kremlin propaganda arm. For instance, Richard Becker of a group named ANSWER (Act Now to End War And Racism), an organization started by the Workers World Party, once said on RT air that “Russia is not threat to the US, but to its domination”.

In its own fringe publication, the Workers World Party once blamed European and American “imperialism” for the conflict in Ukraine and called this imperialism “a setback to Russia”.

From the article:

U.S. and European Union imperialism are deep in Ukraine, backing one side of the internal power struggle, with the goal of making this former Soviet republic a colonial appendage of the West, while handing a setback to Russia.


What is happening in Ukraine is far from a struggle between a “democratic” pro-EU opposition and an “autocratic” pro-Russian regime. The pro-EU parties in Ukraine grew out of the 2004 “Orange Revolution” and are enemies of both the Ukrainian working class and of Ukrainian sovereignty.

The group doesn’t try to hide its pro-Russian stance: during a talk at a Workers World Party meeting in 2014, Fred Goldstein, a leading member of the group, said that “Now, we must look at things from the perspective of Moscow and Putin” when it comes to war in Ukraine.

In another article from 2005, the Workers World publication praised Putin for standing up to “aggressive incursions” by the United States, even though he used authoritarian methods:

Putin, in order to save Russian capitalism and protect it from the aggressive incursions by Washington, has used authoritarian methods to put a halt to these disintegrative processes.

Heat Street has identified at least three instances in which Waters directly or indirectly participated in the Workers World Party’s activities. Back in 2004, the congresswoman participated in a rally organized by the International Action Center, an offshoot organization of the Workers World Party that opposes any use of military force by the United States. The event’s leaflet inviting people to attend the rally lists Rep. Waters as the top guest.

Rep. Maxine Waters (left) with Workers World Party’s Abayomi Azikiwe (right)

In 2005,  Rep. Waters sent her aide April Lawrence to the party’s “Peace Conference” where Lawrence addressed the participants on the topic of social justice.

More recently, in 2009, the Congresswoman was a speaker at an event organized by the Michigan Coalition for Human Rights, a group whose board of members includes Abayomi Azikiwe, an organizer for the Workers World Party. Azikiwe also chaired the event.

The office of Congresswoman Waters hasn’t gotten back to Heat Street regarding her association with the group. The Workers World Party didn’t answer multiple phone calls.