TWEETSTORM: Matt Drudge Assailed on Social Media for ‘Hurricane Trutherism’

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By Andrew Stiles | 1:10 pm, October 7, 2016
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Matt Drudge is trending after outraging the internet community with a tweet “storm” questioning the strength of Hurricane Matthew, which hit the Florida coast on Thursday.

Drudge was denounced as a “hurricane truther” after suggesting that the government was exaggerating the strength of Hurricane Matthew in order push its agenda on climate change.



Drudge was immediately criticized by journalists on social media for his “deplorable” and “potentially dangerous” tweets.

The Washington Post‘s “Capital Weather Gang” called Drudge¬†a moron for casting doubt on the “deadly serious” hurricane.

Drudge’s tweets came after some analysts noted that Hurricane Matthew was headed straight for Donald Trump’s estate in Mar-a-Lago, and President Obama was refusing to take action to prevent it.

Some readers expressed support, via an online poll, for the theory that President Obama may have ordered the U.S. military to engineer the hurricane for the sole purpose of destroying Trump’s home.