Martin O’Malley: ‘I, Not Bernie Sanders, Would Have Beaten Trump’

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By Joe Simonson | 3:47 pm, April 10, 2017

Martin O’Malley won’t let anyone tell him he couldn’t be president.

On the podcast DC/BS, hosted by Jon Allen and Peter Ogburn, the former Democratic Maryland governor told the hosts that he didn’t think Sen. Bernie Sanders would have beaten Donald Trump in the general election.

In fact, O’Malley thought he would have been a better nominee than Hillary Clinton.

“I think I would have won,” O’Malley said.

If the thought of a President O’Malley gets you going, the guitar-playing hunk says he hasn’t ruled out another run.

“I might run for president in 2020,” he said. “I think it’s way too early for anybody to make that determination right now.”

O’Malley repeatedly polled dead last in the Democratic primary.  He dropped out of the campaign after the Iowa caucuses, where he received 0.6% of the state delegates.

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