Major Donors Are Leaving the Trump Campaign, Including Donald Trump

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By Emily Zanotti | 3:09 pm, October 28, 2016

Sources close to the Republican Party tell Heat Street that the GOP is sweating heavily over reports that Trump’s funding is drying up in the last weeks of the campaign.

Federal Election Commission disclosures show a severe lack of cash flow for the Republican Presidential nominee, with major donors almost completely absent in what is typically the most crucial time for a campaign. SuperPACs and big money donors have focused almost exclusively on downballot races, and if it isn’t a typo, it seems Trump’s biggest financial backers — the Mercer family, who funded his newest campaign team just weeks ago — gave only a single donation of $25.

Donald Trump, himself, gave only $30,000 — and that was in in-kind donations of rent and staff, not in cash. He told CNN that he’s prepared to cut several million-dollar checks, though, if money doesn’t start rolling in.

He told media this week that he’s pouring $10 million into advertising alone. The FEC reporting doesn’t seem to reflect that donation, and Trump made similar claims in August and September, but only partly fulfilled those promises.

Part of the problem, and what has RNC officials so worried, is that Trump has all but stopped fundraising, and is taking most of the money — and the voter data — he brings in for himself (he was giving upwards of $2M a month until now).

Although the RNC claims that Trump has promised to share the lists he’s accumulated from his small dollar donors, like Romney and others did before him, it seems Trump’s campaign doesn’t see it that way, claiming in a story Wednesday that “Trump will be better positioned than the RNC to reach this mass of voters because he’ll own the list himself.”

The also include this bit in their terms of service:


Luckily for the RNC, though, according to sources, it seems they’ve provided much of Trump’s ground game, and have collected some lists of their own, even if Trump leaves them out in the cold. And the RNC is making sure they have backup in the states as well, transferring nearly $7 million to downticket races Trump is ignoring.

Trump has struggled to get financial loyalty from Republican donors — and even his own family and employees — and the final two weeks of the campaign seem unlikely to change that.