WATCH: Angsty Liberals Flood the Streets to Protest Donald Trump’s Election

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By Heat Street Staff | 6:54 pm, November 11, 2016

The election of Donald Trump has been a traumatic experience for liberals across the country, especially the young college students who probably didn’t bother to vote but then read a killer meme on Facebook about why Donald Trump is racist and his election is a Bad Thing.

Some universities are canceling exams to allow their snowflakes students to grieve, while other are hosting “cry-ins.” After weeks of denouncing Donald Trump for discussing the possibility that the election could be “rigged” in Hillary Clinton’s favor, some liberals are now insisting that the election was “rigged” because Trump won the electoral college (the thing that matters) but not the popular vote (the thing that doesn’t matter).

Angsty liberals across the country are taking to the streets, burning American flags, and chanting “Not my president!” Some are calling for Hillary Clinton to storm into the Supreme Court and demand to be installed as president, because… well, who knows? One can almost sympathize with them. Many young people didn’t like Hillary, but had to pretend to be excited about her for months — and then she didn’t even win. That’s gotta hurt.