Liberal Entertainers, Journalists Can’t Stop Fantasizing About Violence Toward Trump

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By Ian Miles Cheong | 3:05 pm, June 4, 2017

For being supposedly progressive, the left has an unhealthy obsession with death. Kathy Griffin’s appalling photoshoot made headlines earlier this week when she presented the decapitated head of Donald Trump in an ISIS-style video. By joking about killing the president, Kathy Griffin inadvertently killed her career instead. Griffin’s extreme expression is a symptom of the left’s increasingly violent fantasies about its ideological opponents that is permeating entertainment and liberal journalism.

It’s one thing to protest the sitting president, but polemics characterize everything Trump does as the second coming of the Third Reich. That prompts many of his detractors to see him as less than a person, and more of a monster in the Oval Office.

In a music video in March, Snoop Dogg performed a mock assassination of a clown dressed as Trump. Aside from a tweet by Trump, outrage towards the video was minimal, probably because of hip hop’s propensity for acting out violence upon effigies of famous contemporary figures.

The normalization of violence towards publicly elected officials isn’t confined to the realm of entertainment. As a symptom of Trump Derangement Syndrome, liberal journalists, too, have succumbed to fantasizing about the president’s assassination. In April, chatlogs leaked by former BuzzFeed staffer Tim “Treadstone” Gionet to Big League Politics revealed conversations between BuzzFeed staffers who discussed the possibility of Trump’s assassination in a joking manner. Fox News’ Tucker Carlson invited BuzzFeed’s Ben Smith to discuss the site’s political leanings following the leak, but Smith denied that the reporters on his staff were political activists—despite all evidence to the contrary.

It’s not just political journalists either. A gaming journalist, Phil Kollar, publicized his exceedingly “woke” fantasies about watching House Speaker Paul Ryan die.

“Y’all ever stop and spend a while thinking about how awesome it would be if Paul Ryan died in a horrible, gruesome accident?” Asked Kollar, an editor for the Vox Media-owned publication Polygon.

“Like he’s walking down the steps of the capital building and he trips and does this incredible pratfall, just tumbling feet over head,” he continued. “And then when he gets to the bottom of the steps there’s a pack of feral dogs that begin attacking him. He’s screaming for help and his colleagues have gathered at the top of the stairs and are watching him get ripped apart but too scared to act.” [sic]

Kollar asked if anyone else shared his disturbing fantasy, and encouraged others to share their own fantasies about Paul Ryan’s death. “Do y’all ever think about this? Is it just me?” he asked.

Perhaps realizing the sick nature of his fantasy, Kollar disingenuously wrote: “To be clear, I’m not saying Paul Ryan should die. That would be awful. I just think about that accident a lot.”

Former NFL punter Chris Kluwe, who said he was planning an armed resistance against Trump, shared his own dream with Kollar. “I think about empty elevator shafts with piles of rusty needles at the bottom,” he wrote.

Kollar’s tweets received widespread condemnation on Twitter, prompting him to eventually delete them.

The cancerous rhetoric that permeates the left has transformed liberal journalists into social justice warriors, whose biased narratives underline their coverage of the news. In the left’s constant “othering” of conservativism and the center, the left has become the very monster it wants to slay.

Ian Miles Cheong is a journalist and outspoken media critic. You can reach him through social media at @stillgray on Twitter and on Facebook.