LGBT Rights Activists Protest Clinton Foundation Donor’s Hotel

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By Andrew Stiles | 4:58 pm, October 13, 2016

LGBT rights activists are planning a fresh round of protests outside the Beverly Hills Hotel, a building that has been owned for decades by the Sultan of Brunei, a Clinton Foundation donor and proponent of sharia law.

The Brunei government, whose move to impose strict Islamic law throughout the country in 2014 sparked a wave of protests and boycotts of the Beverly Hills Hotel, has donated as much as $5 million to the Clinton Foundation.

Under sharia law in Brunei, homosexuality can be punishable by death.

A protest is scheduled to take place near the hotel on Saturday, according to Facebook posting by local LGBT activist James Duke Mason.

“The hotel’s powerful PR machine has tried to sell people on the idea that the boycott has ‘fizzled,’ but let’s prove to them that we are stronger and more determined than ever,” Mason writes. “Let’s be loud and clear about the fact that the BOYCOTT IS NOT OVER until the Sultan either sells the hotel or changes the law!”

Current and former members of the California State Assembly are scheduled to speak at the event. Celebrities such as Jay Leno, John Legend, Ellen DeGeneres, and Richard Branson have taken part in similar protests in the past.

In remain to be seen if the protest will include a denunciation of the Clinton Foundation for taking money from sketchy regimes.