LGBT Magazine Blames Donald Trump for Rise in STDs

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By Lukas Mikelionis | 2:05 pm, October 27, 2016
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Sexually transmitted diseases are on the rise again in the U.S. after a long period of decline. Most public-health experts say that’s because of lapses in diagnosing, treating and preventing syphilis and gonorrhea.

But HIV Plus Magazine has a totally different theory. It is proclaiming that the “Trump Effect” is responsible for resurgence in STD rates in the U.S. because Donald Trump fosters ignorance and his supporters are uneducated.

According to the article written by Savas Abadsidis, which was also republished in LGBT Magazine the Advocate—the same magazine that said openly gay Republican Peter Thiel isn’t gay because he supports Trump—”This explosion in transmission rates did not occur in a vacuum.” It claims that this comes down to “what Chelsea Clinton has called ‘The Trump Effect.'”

“It’s no accident that the rise of and popularity of the Donald Trump/Mike Pence presidential ticket is happening concurrently with skyrocketing STI (STD) rates,” he added.

Abadsidis says Trump “can lie about virtually anything and get away with it” because a large portion of the electorate “is not informed enough to know any better”

“The same folks who can’t be bothered to care to know the truth of the Republican Party’s policy positions, not just the reality TV star leading the ticket, are also going to consider any medical, scientific or public health messages to be a part of the same ‘rigged system’ that Trump espouses as having disenfranchised the “average” American citizen,” the author added.

The article ends with a call to vote against Trump because his presidency could make things worse: “a campaign of ignorance isn’t just a disservice to our country’s commitment to civilized political discourse … No, it’s a huge detriment to your health and mine, and come November 9th, it could get worse.”