MUST READ: Lena Dunham’s Advice to Rich Teens Traumatized by Donald Trump

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By Andrew Stiles | 12:37 pm, November 21, 2016

Lena Dunham is taking some time out from her post-election Spirit Quest in the Arizona wilderness to offer advice to teenage private school attendees looking for ways to engage in “safe, constructive” activism in Donald Trump’s America.

“Recently I received an email from a 14 year old girl, heartbroken by the election,” Dunham wrote in an online post. “She goes to private school with wealthy kids, but feels alone, powerless and scared.”

Dunham offered some tips for the how aspiring teen activists can make a difference in their communities, including by “starting a feminist group at your school” and bringing a “list of grievances to your teachers and principals.” Reading a biography of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg is another way to advance a meaningful dialogue, Dunham wrote.

The woke celeb advised young activists to form groups to “brainstorm” ideas they can use to help “differently abled or otherwise vulnerable people.” As an as example, Dunham suggested socks to the local LGBTQ youth shelter.

Even though the initial request from the private school teen was for advice on how to “help fight for the women of this country,” Dunham recommended that aspiring activists reach out to international community, for example, by finding a sister school or connecting with pen pals in Afghanistan and Ethiopia, because “to really work, feminism has to be global.”

“We grow more empathic by embracing difference,” Dunham wrote. “Find out what you have a lot of at your school that they need a little of at their school. Give that resource (pencils? lined paper? tampons?) In doing so, inspire other kids to share.”

Dunham’s final piece of advise is simply to “believe.” The aspiring activist must believe that even a teenage Lena Dunham fan at a wealthy private school can become a “tool for revolution.”

Absent from Dunham’s list of advice was any suggestions that aspiring young activists look at more photos of dogs posing with magic crystals, even though the woke celeb recently describe this activity as her “new safe space/passion” as she continues copes with the trauma of Trump’s victory in the election.