BREAKING: Lena Dunham Feels Embarrassment

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By Heat Street Staff | 10:21 am, December 7, 2016
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Woke celebrity Lena Dunham has deleted a bizarre “toilet selfie” she posted on her Instagram account earlier this week following an online backlash.

Dunham posted the “peeing Insta” on Monday night. It is the most recent piece of evidence suggesting the feminist celeb is suffering a breakdown related to the election of Donald Trump.

The photo featured a pouting Dunham slouched on a luxury toilet, presumably in the act of peeing.

Dunham deleted the photo on Tuesday after internet users expressed outrage on social media. She posted a follow up post to her Instagram account announcing the deletion of the toilet selfie, along with a nod to the alleged inspiration for the unusual shot — an underwear ad featuring former celeb Jenny McCarthy sitting on a toilet.

“When you delete your own peeing Insta cuz you chronically forget what kind of world we live in but you still gotta shout out your visual influence,” Dunham wrote in an accompanying message, which also included a toilet emoji.

Dunham was an outspoken supporter of Hillary Clinton during the presidential campaign, and has struggle to cope with her loss to Donald Trump. The celeb sought solace in the Arizona wilderness, and soothed herself by looking at photos of dogs forced to pose with magic crystals.

But the “spirit quest” does not appear to have been a success. Several days later, Dunham posted a drunken rant on Instagram in which the woke celeb described herself as a “human wastebasket.”