Las Vegas Strip Club Hires Melania Trump Lookalike Out of ‘Respect’ for First Lady

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By Emily Zanotti | 5:09 pm, December 12, 2016

A Las Vegas all-nude strip club will feature a very special dancer in January, right before Donald Trump’s inauguration.

According to a press release, Little Darlings has hired a lookalike of Melania Trump to dance in the club as part of a “special event” at the beginning of the year. She will be the club’s featured performer, with two “totally naked” turns at the pole during their Make America Great Again promotion.

Trump supporters shouldn’t get up in arms, though, says the club. Welcoming a lookalike performer is a sign of respect for Barron’s mom, and says that it’s all out of love for the future First Lady.

“With all of the media hype surrounding Donald Trump’s inauguration, we just couldn’t help but notice how ridiculously hot his wife is,” said Little Darlings manager Ron Nady. “I mean, her body is absolutely stunning, and here at Little Darlings, we admire and respect women instead of insulting them. In that vein, we worked tirelessly to find the sexiest Melania Trump look-alike we could, and I think we found one who’s spot on.”

There’s no word on whether the Melania-a-like will give a speech in support of her “Presidential husband.” But a pussy bow blouse is probably guaranteed.

Of course, if Melania isn’t to your taste, the club also says it’s searching for an Ivanka Trump lookalike, which Nady described as “equally as milfy.”

Nady says he expects “a few thousand” people to attend the Make America Great celebration, and is already accepting reservations for the event. They’ve also extended a personal invitation to the President-elect himself, who they say will get the VIP treatment if he attends.

Although Trump himself shied away from strip clubs during his Presidential run, his senior communications director, two junior members of Trump’s campaign staff and a number of mainstream media bigwigs were caught letting off steam at a different Las Vegas joint, mega-club Sapphire, back in October right before the Presidential debates.