Lady Gaga’s Halftime Performance Recieves Bipartisan Political Support on Social Media

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By Emily Zanotti | 10:59 pm, February 5, 2017

Despite fears that she might turn the Super Bowl halftime show into an anti-Trump tirade (or, bizarrely, a “Satanic ritual“), Lady Gaga delivered a stellar performance.

In fact, instead of further dividing the political world, it seems Lady Gaga may have actually managed to unite both parties as she shimmied her way across a Houston stage in high-waisted rhinestone underpants.

President Donald Trump told his designated Tweeter that Gaga was “fantastic,” and Trump surrogate Governor Mike Huckabee said that Mother Monster “crushed it,” and that she “left politics out but added some high octane talent.”

Trump’s daughter Ivanka called it an “incredible performance.”

Trump’s former┬áRepublican rival, Sen. Marco Rubio told Twitter that Lady Gaga’s halftime show was “one of the best #Superbowl shows I can remember.” And his House of Representatives colleague, Rep. Kristi Noem, also claimed to love the musical interlude.

But more importantly, Gaga united Trump with his biggest critics — notably, Internet powerhouse George Takei, who Tweeted favorably about Gaga’s performance while his avatar was locked in an ongoing protest of the President.

A California legislator who, on Friday, commented that Donald Trump needed a “mental health exam,” joined with the President to acknowledge that Lady Gaga may be an example of how America is still pretty great.

Even former Vice President Joe Biden got in on the act, calling Lady Gaga, “my friend,” and noting that he was “impressed” with the pop star on and off the stage (Gaga’s Born this Way foundation is a partner of Biden’s retirement push to end sexual assault).

In the end, conservative commentator Tim Carney may have actually said it best: