‘Kong: Skull Island’ Director Feuds With ‘Alt-Right’ Seatmate on Plane

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By Emily Zanotti | 3:46 pm, November 29, 2016

The director of the upcoming film King Kong: Skull Island (as in King Kong) decided to start a feud with a fellow airplane passenger after he says he watched over the man’s shoulder as he clicked through “alt-right posts in his Facebook feed.”

According to a series of tweets that Jordan Vogt-Roberts has now deleted, but are still available because the Internet is forever, Vogt-Roberts caught his seatmate scrolling through his Facebook feed, “liking” and “commenting” on posts that Vogt-Roberts deemed “alt-right.”

“The older guy next to me on this plane is scrolling his heavily alt-right dominated Facebook feed. Here’s what I’ve seen so far,” he wrote. “To a ‘Black Lives Matter is a terrorist group’ post, he commented, ‘They don’t provide anything, in fact we need to start TAKING something.'”

“Now he’s liking every link regarding trumps (sic) cabinet appointments.”

These “alt-right” actions irked Vogt-Roberts so much that he began to catalogue the man’s movements in real time, including ordering food and alcohol and trying to use the wrong charger cable to plug in his phone. All the while, Vogt-Roberts uses the “scene” to comment on America’s political future.

Vogt-Roberts sums up his observations with, “This is a metaphor for trumps [sic] America I swear to god.”

Finally, after watching the man order multiple drinks and continue to plow through his Facebook feed, liking posts Vogt-Roberts considers unsavory and “racist,” Vogt-Roberts tells his Twitter audience that he’s “had enough” and that the man, whom he calls “the physical manifestation of the white male Patriarchy,” has finally caused Vogt-Roberts to tune out.

Bur he doesn’t. He continues to chart his seatmate’s drinking; the fact that his seatmate is too fat to tie his shoes or exit his plane seat; implies that the man is racist against the black man sitting in front of him (because he needs the man to move his seat so he can exit the row); watches an action movie about Nazis (so he’s clearly one of them); and accidentally breaks Vogt-Roberts’s electronics charger.

While the “alt-right” man doesn’t sound like the ideal seatmate to have on an international plane ride, until the end of the story, Vogt-Roberts doesn’t appear to have any kind of interaction with the man that would justify Vogt-Roberts’s observations or assumptions, let alone his targeting the man on Twitter.

Until Vogt-Roberts decides to take the man’s charger as payment for his own broken one, and gets into a verbal altercation with what we now know is an inebriated individual. Vogt-Roberts finally gets the man to call him a “liberal ass mother fucker,” not unlike the scene on a Delta Airlines Thanksgiving flight.

Vogt-Roberts recorded the altercation, but has since removed the video from social media, along with most of his tweets. He sums up his interaction by encouraging his Twitter followers, somewhat ironically, to “be kind” and to “hear each other.”

Both parties appear to have emerged from the altercation unscathed, though Vogt-Roberts now has a new charger (the man’s), and the man has probably had his every notion about liberals reinforced.

Combined with the earlier Delta Airlines story, the moral of this encounter might be that it’s probably best to keep your politics to yourself, especially on planes, and to keep your eyes off fellow passengers’ Facebook pages.