Kellyanne Conway May Not End Up in the White House After All

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By Emily Zanotti | 11:39 am, December 7, 2016

Kellyanne Conway has been rumored to be on the “outs” with the Trump transition team after she and the the fledgling Trump administration clashed publicly over whether to appoint former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney as Secretary of State.

Now it seems, she’s at the top of the list for a very important non-administration job, one that will preclude a position in the West Wing: the head of Donald Trump’s ongoing advocacy “support structure.”

The group is said to be modeled on President Obama’s “Organizing for Action” project, which took over much of the campaign’s infrastructure and data operation after Obama entered the White House, and worked to encourage his voters and supporters to provide ongoing grassroots support for the President’s agenda.

If she chooses the job, Kellyanne will be at the head of “Unleash the Potential,” and its top priorities will be supporting the new President’s tax, immigration, and health care reforms using the 10 million email addresses Trump acquired over the course of the campaign. The group will likely be responsible for marshaling Republican support for Trump’s Cabinet appointments, targeting moderate Democrats to help even controversial nominees sail through the confirmation process.

Unleash the Potential, which is being organized as a 501(c)(4) tax exempt organization, would also provide top Trump donors with a way to continue supporting the President-elect’s campaign infrastructure ahead of mid-term elections.

Most importantly, though, Kellyanne Conway would get a high-placed command post for her campaign contributions, but one that doesn’t put her in day-to-day conflict with Trump’s Chief of Staff Reince Priebus and senior adviser Steve Bannon, who have been rumored to be boxing Conway out of important White House decisions.

It would even put her in a different city; Conway and her family are reportedly looking to relocate to New York from Washington DC.

Weeks ago, according to sources, Bannon was privately fretting that Conway refused to be a “team player,” and that she was using her influence over the President-elect to pursue her own agenda. Without Conway in the West Wing, the problem seems to be solved.

According to the Washington Post, Conway is still considering whether to accept the position.