Scandal Plagued News Anchor Katie Couric Will Return to ‘Today’ Show

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By Andrew Stiles | 12:47 pm, December 21, 2016
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Katie Couric, the scandal-plagued Yahoo News correspondent and former celebrity news anchor, will return to NBC’s “Today” show in January. Couric will guest-host alongside Matt Lauer, also a figure of some controversy, for one week beginning January 2.

Couric, who co-anchored the “Today” show from 1991 to 2006, will be filling in for co-host Savannah Guthrie, who is away on maternity leave. This will be the first time since leaving the show that Couric has returned as a co-anchor, rather than as a guest.

Couric currently serves as global anchor for Yahoo News, where she reportedly earns $10 million a year. She also produces movies with her rich friends in her spare time. One of those films, the gun-control documentary Under the Gun, sparked outrage after it was revealed that deceptive editing practices had been used to distort Couric’s interview with a group of gun-rights advocates in Virginia.

Couric and others involved in the documentary are being sued by the Virginia Citizens Defense League for $12 million in damages over “intentionally manipulated and misleading footage” of the group’s members that was used in the film. This detail appears nowhere in the Los Angeles Times story announcing Couric’s guest-hosting gig at “Today.”

Couric has (sort of) apologized for the “misleading” portrayal of the gun-rights activists in the film, taking “responsibility” for the footage, and saying her “initial concerns” should have been raised “more vigorously.” But she rebuffed calls to remove the misleading clip from the documentary, arguing the film was meant to serve as a “conversation starter” that focuses on “the big issue of gun violence.”

The controversy comes amid increasing mainstream media hysteria over the prevalence of so-called “fake news,” and concern over media outlets and personalities who present distorted versions of the truth without facing consequences for their actions.