Kathy Griffin Claims Trump-Ordered Conspiracy Is Silencing Her After Beheading Photo

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By Emily Zanotti | 1:17 pm, June 2, 2017

InDuring her press conference on Friday morning, comedian Kathy Griffin says she “never imagined” that her photo, holding up a plastic Donald Trump’s severed head would be interpreted as a threat—and that she believes there’s now a crusade against her organized by the President himself.

The conference, held at the behest of attorney Lisa Bloom—daughter of celebrity attorney Gloria Allred—was designed to allow Griffin to address the “bullying” she’d received in the wake of her grotesque stunt.

Bloom began the conference by saying that it was Trump who should apologize “for being the most woman-hating and tyrannical president in history” and went on to claim that Griffin’s photo, which united both left and right in condemnation, was merely an artistic expression.

Griffin then took the microphone, tearfully excoriating Trump for what she says is a coordinated attack on her career, and blaming the President for her losing a number of bookings and contracts. Like Hillary Clinton, Griffin claimed that Trump had mobilized an army of “bots” to attack her on social media and bully outlets like CNN into severing their relationship with her.

“A sitting President of the United States and his grown children and the First Lady are personally trying to ruin my life forever,” Griffin sobbed. “I’m not afraid of Donald Trump…I’ve dealt with older white guys trying to keep me down my whole life.”

More than 12 hours after the photo first appeared, and well after social media outrage over Griffin’s photo had reached a fever pitch, the President Tweeted that Griffin “should be ashamed of herself,” and that his children, especially 11 year old son Barron were “having a hard time” with the picture. First Lady Melania also released a statement questioning Griffin’s mental health.

Griffin’s attorneys then tried to tie the ongoing Secret Service investigation to Trump’s efforts to “silence” the comedian.

The same social media that responded poorly to Griffin’s joke was also roundly unimpressed with her press conference—and her claims that dropped contracts and cancelled events amounted to a Presidential conspiracy.

Even Keith Olbermann, who has spent the last three days Tweeting himself into oblivion thought Griffin was being over the top.

Bloom says she’ll be following up on the press conference, but there was no word on whether any complaint would be filed for any alleged violation of Griffin’s civil rights.