Kamala Harris Is Super Woke and Says You Should Be, Too

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By Emily Zanotti | 5:16 pm, June 1, 2017
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California Rep. Kamala Harris is not known for her scintillating takes on political events, or, really, her expert grasp on any subject matter related to her job as a Congresswoman. In past months, she’s grilled CIA directors on gay marriage, claimed infrastructure spending is a human right, and refused to vote for a Supreme Court justice because he used the law in making his judicial decisions.

Regardless, she somehow believes that she can give solid advice on how to assist progressives in elective office. At the Recode Conference in New York Wednesday, she was particularly eloquent in describing what she needs her constituents to do to oppose Donald Trump.

“We have to stay woke,” Harris told the audience of activists. “Everybody needs to be woke. You can talk about if you’re the wokest or woker, but just stay more woke than less woke. We all have to know our voice matters.”

In case you need that broken down for you: you must stay woke. Very woke. The wokest woke you’ve ever been. And if you are currently woke, you must be woker, even if you believe you have reached the limits of your wokeness. If you are deciding between whether to be woke or not to be woke, be woke. If you are already slightly woke, and deciding whether to get more woke, please get more woke, not less woke.

Or something.

She was specifically speaking on her chosen response to Republican efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act (that were mostly defeated by other Republicans, not woke Democrats). But she noted that the concept of being woke could apply to any number of issues: immigration, reproductive rights. drug legalization, even energy policy.

The good news for America is that Kamala Harris is being seriously considered as a potential Democratic challenger to Donald Trump in the 2020 mid-year elections. So, plan on being woke well into the next decade.